Young Entrepreneurs Summit (YES) is one of the key initiatives of NYEF. Within its mission of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship, NYEF organizes YES on a regular basis.

This summit is a platform for young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to network, learn, share, progress and become better in what they do. There are basically two key focus areas within YES. On one hand, this summit seeks to provide learning and networking opportunity for growth for existing entrepreneurs. Here the emphasis is more on networking, cross-border learning and going global. YES for this segment is mostly of the international level. On the other hand, the summit seeks to provide key knowledge and insight to aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups.  Here the emphasis is on inspiration, education, mentorship, empowerment and building connections with the wider eco-system.


  • To provide participants an opportunity to build and strengthen their networks
  • To facilitate cross-border learning
  • To provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their experiences and learn from each other
  • To provide participants with tools to grow their businesses
  • To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • To promote regional trade and partnership