Entrepreneurship is the engine that powers economic growth and for the growth to be swift and sustainable there must be equal involvement of men and women. Especially in a developing country like Nepal, women entrepreneurship is seen as a way out of poverty. Women entrepreneurship and empowerment will also lead to greater gender equality.

The prevailing socio-cultural constraints have made it hard for young women to realize their entrepreneurial potential. Due to recent efforts by various stakeholders, women-led small and medium enterprises are on the rise, but women engaged in informal business ventures for daily survival may not be considered women entrepreneurship. There must also be scalability and growth to be a true entrepreneurial venture.

It is promising to see Nepalese youth opening up to the idea of entrepreneurship and lately, a strong desire among the youths to become job creators rather than job seekers has been observed. However, the number of women who choose to become entrepreneurs is rather limited. The Young Entrepreneurs Summit Women (YES-W) is an attempt to aid in promoting entrepreneurship among young women and to giving them more visibility.

YES-W is a pan-national summit, which is organized by NYEF on a regular basis. This summit is a platform where women entrepreneurs can Learn, Share and Network. Through this collective experience, NYEF seeks to encourage young women to become entrepreneurs and to gain confidence to expand their existing ventures.

The overall aim of the summit is to promote entrepreneurial spirit among Nepalese women. The summit highlights the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Nepal, provides information along with advice on tools that would help start-ups as well as growing businesses and bring together women from different walks of life to share their experiences with each other.


  •          To raise awareness of the challenges facing young women in entrepreneurship
  •          To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among young women
  •          To provide tools, advice and connections to help start and grow the women-led businesses
  •          To provide young women entrepreneurs an opportunity to build and strengthen their networks
  •          To provide a platform for women entrepreneurs to share their experiences and learn from each other
  •          To allow young women participants to interact with prominent women business personalities, bankers and policy makers